The State Club - Raleigh, NC

Where We Started

The State Club is a visionary concept of many strong willed individuals, better known as people with a true passion for NC State University. Business professionals, community leaders, educators and many more with a common goal interest….”ALUMNI of NC State!”

Driven In the early stages with years of planning, the fruition came to life in October 2006 as the Dorothy & Roy Park Alumni Center opened it’s doors.  The Park Alumni Center (known as PAC today) is home to NC State University’s Alumni Association and The State Club.  Also a satellite office for Rave! Event Services, the Parks Scholarship Office and the Shelton Leadership Program office.

The State Club (known as TSC) was designed to be a destination for fellow “Wolfpackers” to come together, whether for dining, following the favorite sporting season over a casual meal at the bar, attending a university event or hosting a private party.  The club evolved over the first nine years, growing a “brand” of what it means to be a “TSC Member” and a proud alumni.  The facility flourished as a wedding venue destination for “Everything Wolfpack!”  Many memories have been created as the walls and Italian marble floors have musically transformed events into cherished lifetime moments.

The contractual agreement between The State Club, the NC State Alumni Association and NC State University started with an initial ten year contract.  Negotiations during the club’s ninth year created a merger between the club and the University regarding the food and beverage operation.  Beginning January 2016 all teams joined forces to continue to provide a true “Wolfpack” experience.  Rave! Event Services combined with NC State Dining poured into the mix, adding many updated improvements with equipment, facilities and additional food services and options.

What it all means today?  It is a privilege and honor to be associated with anything NC State.  Are you an alumni, university employee, Centennial Campus partner, local neighbor to Centennial campus or simply “Red & White for Life?”  Answer….all of the above, but BEST of all, a member of The State Club!

Don’t miss out!  The club continues to succeed and grow.  We are constantly searching for what makes our members “tick.”  There is always something just around the corner … don’t spectate….PARTICIPATE!

If you are not a member….that’s not a problem.  We will be glad to assist you with the membership option that fits your lifestyle.  Join the fun! Become a TSC member today!

The State Club - Raleigh, NC