Glad You Are Curious!

“Perks” defined…a special privilege, or side benefit, something extra or an advantage to a situation.  Regardless how it stacks up, membership in The State Club has added bonuses!

Did you know we have a HUGE resourceful list of “Reciprocity” clubs across the United States and abroad?  Check out the list under our Membership tab.  What does this do for you?  Consider when traveling the benefits of using clubs and resorts, places you didn’t even know you had privileges to use….WOW!  Just contact the club office and share your travel city.  We will be glad to send a letter of introduction to a visiting host club.  It’s like being at home….but on vacay!

The club is also an active member in My Triangle Community, a ClubCorp Network which enables you as a TSC member to access additional clubs in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Click here for more My Triangle Community information

So what about LUNCH now?  Yes, the Park Alumni Center & The State Club are now open to the general public for lunch (only) Monday through Friday.  Being a TSC member entitles you to a 15% discount off your lunch bill.

And Events you ask?  Certainly….yes it is also true that anyone can use  the Park Alumni Center for events!  You no longer HAVE to join The State Club to access the facility.  But wait just one minute…..did you know that TSC members receive the BEST VENUE RATE?  That’s right, another discount just for being an active member!  Not to mention the “member concierge services” that the club can provide in the planning process.  If you need a professional opinion from the “original party girl” in the facility, she’s still available and more than willing to calm your nerves if necessary.

Saturdays…..the State Club Restaurant is available as a “Member Only” option to host special events!  It’s the perfect area for a retirement cocktail reception, a special dinner occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, a splendid option for Supper Club gatherings…let our culinary team do the cooking for you and best yet….think about how wonderful the bar and restaurant area would be for the opening cocktail hour for a wedding reception.  Special menus are available for unique events with only a minimal set up fee to cover specialty in-house items such as;  linens, china, glassware, flatware, furniture and the like….all the things that make special touches unique events.  Contact the club offices if you are interested in this special amenity as a TSC member.

As a TSC member, the dining restaurant is exclusive for dinner Wednesday through Friday with special daily menu features.  And don’t forget about the HOLIDAYS!  TSC member events are the bomb!  Whether you prefer celebrating Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas with family….all of these holidays are special events for TSC members….themed, decorated, fun and food filled!  Families look forward to each season.  And always smaller scale events in the dining restaurant and patio (seasonal), such as our Spring and Fall Patio Flings, our “Entertaining” Wine Society dinners each month and of course our Bourbon Society which meets quarterly each year will continue.

These are the start of great things here at TSC.  We are working diligently to add new perks as often as possible.  Heck we are even up to any ideas or open discussion from our members about new joint perk possibilities.  Do you have a business you want help promoting?  Think of teaming up with TSC to get the job done, or network while entertaining at the club.  We are limitless to what we can achieve together.  Keep the perk ideas coming!